2023, November 28
AAX Biotech forms strategic collaboration with Oblique Therapeutics for therapeutic antibody development

Biotech company AAX Biotech, specializing in innovative technologies for improving antibody-based medicines, is collaborating with Oblique Therapeutics, a biotech company developing new antibody medicines for severe diseases. This strategic collaboration will leverage AAX Biotech’s proprietary epitope mapping technology, Seqitope™, to accelerate the advancement of Oblique Therapeutics’ programs.

The collaboration will commence with AAX Biotech applying its cutting-edge Seqitope™ technology to characterize antibody candidates of Oblique Therapeutics’ pain program targeting TRPV1, providing invaluable insights for the next phase of development. This is the start of a broader and lasting collaboration, where AAX Biotech and Oblique Therapeutics intend to jointly work on future drug candidates.

Swedish startup company AAX Biotech is dedicated to addressing unmet demands in the advancement of next-generation antibody therapeutics. The company’s two pioneering technologies, Seqitope™ and Opti-mAb™, improve the performance and developability of antibody-based therapeutics and offer a unique solution in a rapidly growing market.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Oblique Therapeutics and contribute our powerful Seqitope™ technology to their drug development efforts,” says Maria L. Knudsen, CEO of AAX Biotech. “Our high-resolution, high-throughput method will empower Oblique Therapeutics to expedite their development process and bring novel therapeutics to the market faster.”

Oblique Therapeutics, a Swedish company addressing pain through antibody discovery with their proprietary AbiProt® methodology, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. Christer Nordstedt, CEO of Oblique Therapeutics, expresses, “The collaboration with AAX will give Oblique Therapeutics the opportunity to understand how our drug candidates interact with their target at a level that has not been possible for us before. It also allows us to predict the candidate’s specificity and potential risks of side effects at such an early stage that they can be avoided. My personal guess is that mapping specificity at this level will be an integrated part of the development of therapeutic antibodies.”

The collaboration is a testament to the companies’ shared vision of improving the lives of patients through innovative research and technology.

2023, September 28
AAX Biotech welcomes new CEO to drive advancements in next-generation antibody therapeutics

Biotech company AAX Biotech, specializing in innovative, patentable technologies for improving antibody-based medicines, is taking a significant step forward by appointing Maria Lisa Knudsen, PhD, as CEO. The appointment is expected to contribute to the company’s growth and the development of its pioneering technologies.

AAX Biotech is a Swedish startup biotech company aiming to solve unmet needs in developing next-generation antibody therapeutics. The company’s two unique and patentable technologies, Seqitope™ and Opti-mAb™, improve the performance and developability of antibody-based therapeutics and offer a unique solution in a rapidly growing market.

AAX Biotech is pleased to announce that Maria Lisa Knudsen, PhD, has been appointed as CEO of the company. Maria Lisa Knudsen has a broad international experience in research and business development. Having obtained a PhD in Infection Biology from the prestigious Karolinska Institutet, she conducted extensive research at renowned institutions in the United States and Singapore. Subsequently, she made a transition to the role of Business Development Director at Salipro Biotech AB in Sweden, where she was involved in out-licensing the company’s technology platform for drug discovery as well as establishing an internal pipeline.

“We are thrilled to have Maria join the team as we strengthen our IP portfolio and build partnerships with biotech and pharma companies. Maria’s combined experience in antibody research and business development will be instrumental for advancing AAX Biotech’s cutting-edge technologies for antibody therapeutics,” says Daniel Johansson, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of AAX Biotech.

“I am honored to take the role of leading AAX Biotech. It is an exciting new company with unique technologies that have the potential to significantly accelerate the development of next-generation antibody drugs that address unmet medical needs, improving therapeutics and patient lives. I look forward to working with the innovative team at AAX Biotech and fulfilling our vision of becoming a distinguished and highly competitive partner serving the global biopharmaceutical industry in the next couple of years”, says Maria Lisa Knudsen, new CEO of AAX Biotech.

AAX Biotech aims to become a key player with a game-changing potential for next-generation antibody therapies such as bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell treatments in the field of cancer care. The company is dedicated to advancing this promising area through cutting-edge technologies, with a focus on amplifying the development and efficacy of these innovative treatments.

For more information, please contact:
Maria Lisa Knudsen, CEO
+46 72 939 5018

2022, June 28
We are happy to announce that Karolinska Holdings AB have made a pre-seed investment in AAX Biotech AB.

2022, April 22
We are happy to announce that AAX Biotech is accepted to the DRIVE incubator at KI Innovations. An excellent opportunity for us to grow together with other newly-started companies with a commercial, verified business opportunity with focus on Life Science.